North Ayrshire Open Art

North Ayrshire Open Art Exhibition Rules

Amateur and professional artists are invited to submit 2 original artworks for selection to the North Ayrshire Open Art Exhibition.

  1. Submitted work in the form of painting, textile, print, drawing, sculptural and 3-dimensional work must be the original work of the exhibitor. The size for individual works is limited to 152cm x 152cm (5ft X 5ft).
  1. The maximum number of entries per applicant is TWO. There will be a charge of £10 for 1 ENTRY, £15 for 2. Please note that this fee is non-returnable.

  1. The selection panel’s decision is final and there is no guarantee that any individual work will be selected. Criteria for selection of entries will be set as agreed by the selection panel. No feedback on individual works can be given. The selected work will be announced on the exhibition website at:
  1. Pictures must be framed suitably and securely, (clip frames are not acceptable). There must be D-rings attached and they must be placed vertically pointing towards the top of the picture. Any cord must be removed. Please see the diagram page attached for instructions. Any work that does not require a frame should still have hanging rings securely attached for exhibition purposes.

To make things a bit simpler this year we have done away with entry labels and instead we will attach a pre-made label to each artwork on submissions day

  1. Works can be for sale and priced by the exhibitor, the North Ayrshire Open Art Exhibition Committee charges a commission of 25% on all sales and this should be taken into account when pricing.
  1. Exhibitors may submit a typed postcard 10cm x 15cm (6” x 4”) with additional information about the artist and work. This information will be held for information purposes only, and destroyed at the conclusion of the exhibition. Please indicate on the entry form if you wish us to give out your email address to visitor enquirers.
  1. All work should be delivered to the Racquet Hall on Saturday 29th June between 10.30am and 3pm. No alternative date or time for delivery can be arranged.
  1. The selected work will be announced on the exhibition website on Thursday 4th July.

Please visit the site to find out if your work has been successful.

  1. Unsold and unselected work must be collected from the Racquet Hall between 12pm and 3pm on Sunday 21st July. Failure to collect submissions on this day will result in an additional handling charge of £25 per painting, per day. No alternative date or time can be arranged.

NB. Unselected work will remain in safe storage until collection day. Unselected work cannot be collected for the duration of the exhibition

  1. IMPORTANT – Unfortunately we can’t accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the artwork so it’s important to arrange your own insurance.
  1. PAYMENTS Please ensure that the details on the label are correct and legible, no late alterations to labels can be accepted.

  1. The entry fees are £10 for 1 ENTRY & £15 for 2 ENTRIES.
  1. If you are submitting sculpture, please read the separate information sheet and follow the instructions for paying fees.
  1. All other entry fees should be paid on Submission Day (Saturday 29th June 2024)

Payment should be cash or cheque, which should be made payable to NORTH AYRSHIRE OPEN ART EXHIBITION.